Monday, August 1, 2011

The Power of the Pause

I love the power of the pause. In the midst of the vagaries of life, I often forget to pause. A whirring inner engine, some very authoritative part of me revs up...  mind chatter escalating as the tide of the stressors of the day wash in and over me. I seem to go faster. My mind, my body racing and numbing all at the same time. Its inherently unconscious nature allows ugly feelings to brew within. Apparently I invite them to find a voice. They get louder and shriller and much like a malignancy they seem to consume my being.

Then, in Grace....

From deep Within, a small voice seems to whisper, a bubble of the Great Spirit deep in the core of my being shifts... its luminous Light pierces the darkness of the mayhem...and I re member. Pause. I become wiling to lift my head to the Light above, feeling its warmth splaying around and through me and I pray...relief floods through me..the contractions in my body begin to release. A softening of my scalp, my jaw, my neck, my shoulders, my upper arms, my chest , my belly, my thighs, my calves, my feet, my toes...the peace of surrender to what is in this moment flows through me. I notice that my body has been holding in, holding out, and holding on in resistance to what is.
Pause. Pray. Peace. THe power of the pause. The opening to prayer. The magical invitation to relaxing into a delicious surrender,  into deep acceptance of that which I cannot change or control..Pause. Pray. Peace. The Grace of what I have come to know as the 3 P's. There are 3 more P's and they are for my heart only. Today I pray to weave the experience of the power of the pause throughout the moments and hours to come. Pause. Pray. Peace.
Love All...mary 

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